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Disability Disability : Disabled Non-Workers by Type of Disability Disabled Population by Age-Group Disabled Population by Education Level Disabled Population by Marital Status Disabled Population by Type of Disability Disabled Population by Type of Households Disabled Population by Type of Workers Disabled Wokers by Economic Status Mental Disorder Patients Others Survey on Disabled Population Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Cards
Fertility Fertility: Currently Married Women Ever Married Women
Literacy Literacy: Illiterate Literacy Rate Literates
Population Population: Diaspora India Population Population by Age-Group Population by Age-Group: Age Group-wise Percentage of Population Ageing Population Child Population Dependency Ratio Five Year Age Group Population India Position in Projected World Population by Age Group Single Year Age Returns Population by Educational Level Population by Educational Level: Scheduled Castes Population by Educational Level Scheduled Tribes Population by Educational Level Total Population by Educational Level Population by Marital Status Population by Marital Status: Scheduled Castes Population by Marital Status Scheduled Tribes Population by Marital Status Total Population by Marital Status Population by Social Groups Population by Social Groups: Primitive Tribe Groups Scheduled Castes Population Scheduled Tribes Population Projected Population Total Population
Religion Religion: Religious Child Population Religious Population Religious Population by Age-Groups Religious Population by Educational Status Religious Population by Marital Status Workers by Religious Communities
Sex Ratio Sex Ratio: Child Sex Ratio Overall Sex Ratio Religion wise Sex Ratio Scheduled Castes Sex Ratio Scheduled Tribes Sex Ratio
Slums Slums : National Slum Development Programme (NSDP) Others Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) / Slum Free India Slum Population Urban Slums Survey
Workers Workers: Main Workers Marginal Workers Non-Workers Total Workers

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